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Long time, no post

Hey everybody!!!

Surprise!!!! Yes, I am actually putting something something here!

I know, what a shock

It's been quite a few months since I posted anything here, but I'm hoping to get back to my game soon! I miss my Legacy family and Calypso Island. I miss my Twinkie Town familes. I miss my favorite Maxis premades. The sad truth is that I just haven't been playing my Sims very much lately. I've popped in a few times to do random house makeovers and test custom content to see if I wanted to keep it or not, but a lot of my entertainment time was spent watching a lot of streamed TV during the end of the year (7 seasons of Gilmore Girls, the first Season of Jessica Jones, and the first season of Grimm). Sites that stream completed TV seasons should have a big, bold "This is addicting!" warning. So easy to get totally sucked in.

Though I haven't been playing I have been working on getting my scary 8+GB Downloads folder more organised. It still needs a lot of work, but I am making progress- renaming package files to make more sense, slaving clothes, throwing out things I never use anymore. It is a slow process, but it really needed to be done, especially since I keep adding new things that I find and fall in love with. I've got over 32,000 package files of custom content which I've gathered together over the 10 years I've played the Sims 2 in there, so there are a lot of files and sub-folders to clean up and thin out.

Oh CC, why do you have to be so shiny and appealing to me? I sometimes wish I could be happy with just playing the game vanilla (or really close to it because I can never play without my genetic replacements and hacks) because it would be so much simpler, but then I think of all the pretty rooms I've decorated over the years and realize that isn't ever gonna happen. ~snort~

I think the Sims Legacy Gods hate me

I almost have to laugh about it. It’s like the Sim Legacy Gods just do not want me to ever be able to get beyond the 4th generation. I swear, every single Legacy I have ever tried to complete has something weird happen to it that causes me give it up… death by morning sickness glitch, hood wide jump bug, full on neighborhood melt down, game suddenly deciding to random uninstall an expansion pack all on it’s own.

I haven't played too much since school got out for my kids, mostly because having my children around all day long is a big distraction, but I have also had game issues. It’s just been little things here and there, and then I went into the game to discover that Nightlife had uninstalled itself for reasons known only to the game. Then I had a house that would crash every time I tried to enter it and through trial and error came to the conclusion that the lot was corrupted. Then, since I was already dealing with a corrupted lot, I figured I should run the Hood Checker to find if there was anything there I should be concerned about- it found loads of weirdness, stuff like “So-in-So has a relationship with self; Sim X, Y and Z don’t exist” kind of weirdness which is really puzzling since I have never deleted a sim in this hood.

I was able to move the family out of the corrupted house which is good and bulldoze the lot which stinks because I spent SO much time decorating it, but now I’m paranoid about the stability of the hood. I’ve had bad stuff happen to neighborhoods I really loved before so I am going to extract all my playables and favorite townies and make copies of my Legacy house and all the lots that I have built for the hood, just in case. The not so fun steps we take to keep our pixel people from disappearing forever. ~snort~


I had this entire update minus a picture or two written and was all ready to pop on to LiveJournal, finish the chapter and post it on Sunday, May 3rd. I clicked to open my saved draft and then sat there in shock because there was nothing there, just a blank page. It seems that LJ had some fluke autosave error and ate my chapter. My chapter of 60+ photos and all kinds of accompanying text that I had just spent 2 days working on... Needless to say, finding my update had disappeared without a trace put me in a freaking bad mood and made me feel not so friendly toward LiveJournal or toward documenting anything at all. Which is why it has taken me so long to get this out- For the first couple weeks I was just so annoyed that I had to start it all over again and then once I decided to write I had writer's block big time. I have started and erased my attempts to rewrite this chapter so many times since the original chapter got gobbled up. But since I want to play Calypso Island again and I told myself I couldn't play there until I got caught up with all my Spare chapters, that means getting the Hayes chapter rewritten and posted.

Soooooooo... here you go! It isn't as long as before, but that might be a good thing!

Spares. My Legacy family's 2nd generation has a lot of them. The last 2 updates checked in with my Founder Ainsley's oldest children, twins Braden and Bennett, and their families. Everybody is doing well and the 3rd generation spare kids are growing up- between them, the older O'Keefe twins have 3 teenagers, 2 children in elementary school and 1 toddler.

This time around we are spending time with Brianne, Ainsley's 4th child and only daughter, and her husband Cornelius Hayes. The last time we visited the Hayes lot, Brianne had just graduated from Sim State university and married the man she'd been head over heels in love with since she was a teenager. She was over the top happy, except for the fact that she was having trouble conceiving the baby that both she and Cornelius wanted so much. However, her worry about the lack of lullaby chimes was pushed to the back of her mind when Cornelius had an accident involving a freak lightning storm and a hot spring and almost died.

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Why LiveJournal? Why????

I can't believe it.

LiveJournal freaking ATE my Legacy update. I have been working on it for the last TWO days and just went in to finish up so I could post it... and it is GONE.

Poof... Empty page... GONE!

I am soooooooooo not happy right now.

Yes, it is an update to my Legacy! Shocking, I know! One day I may actually get caught up with how far ahead I've played the game! I'd blame my reading obsession for not being able to stay on task, but it really isn't the books' fault I'm easily distracted. Books are always good. They can do no wrong!

So what's up with the O'Keefe clan? If you read the last updates, you'll recall that the younger 2nd gen. twins, Blake and Benedict (along with their significant others) had graduated from Sim State University and come home to Calypso Island, giving me the Main Legacy House and 5 Spare households to play per rotation. The last update was all about Legacy spare, Braden O'Keefe (Adams) and his family- wife, Lucy, and kids, Jasmine & Leo (twins) and Owen- and their practically perfect life. The biggest news out of the Adams household is that, despite how slowly I play and update, the third generation of O'Keefes IS getting older- Owen aged up to child and Jasmine & Leo were the first of the O'Keefe grandkids to have their teen birthdays.

Next household in the Spares list is the Lynch household- home of Bennett O'Keefe, Braden's twin brother, and his family.

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A Legacy update is coming soon. Really!

"Hey, Lisa, you slacker! Are you ever planning on writing up the next Calypso Island Legacy update? I know you finished dealing with the pictures from Bennett's house and got them uploaded to Photobucket!"

Ummmm, yeah. I really need to get on that. Sorry, Ainsley.

"Get on it already! Sheesh, you are REALLY bad at the whole timely documentation thing."

It's true. I really am horrible at it.

I have been neglecting my Simmies the last few weeks. I have done some work on my vacation hoods and a number of vacation lot remodels because I think that Maxis lots leave a lot to be desired and I want to send Ainsley, Gerard and the older grandkids on a little vacation together once I get to play the Main Legacy lot, but as a whole I haven't been very attentive to my Sims the last few weeks. Part of it is me dragging my feet because I know that the next time I play the Main house Ainsley and Gerard are going to pass away, and that seriously bums me out, and the other part is that I am reading a book series from start to finish right now. I am a huge reader so I always have a book or two going, but sometimes I'll get a I'm going to read the whole (fill in the blank) series, back to back to back right now thing in my head and it that world seriously sucks me in- that has been the case lately. I've been reading Kim Harrison's 'The Hollows' series. Started the first one back on March 17th and have read the first 10 books so far (plus I squeezed in Karen Marie Moning's "Burned", book 7 of her Fever series, since I had requested it from the library and if you don't grab those when they tell you they are avaible you have to wait for ages to get through the list again), only 3 more to go! I am going to work on the update this weekend though. We'll see if I get very far in writing it up or not, but I'm determined to get something down.

GOS Good Genes IX

The GOS Good Genes Challenge is always a fun one to spend a little time on. I did the challenge last year, and had to do it again this time around. You take the sim given to you and then breed them to Maxis pre-made characters for 3 generations, and then pick one sim to be your Good Genes Winner. I love seeing what traits the game passes on to the different kids in the multiple genenrations, going from scary/kinda scary to not scary at all, if you are lucky. It is kind of like a mini Prettacy.

Our "founder" this time around is Glozell Glurb.

According to the GOS post, "Glozell comes from the distant planet of Batonium, which is sending their most capable individuals to other planets to do some... erm... reproductive reserch."

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It's a Legacy Chapter! Let's see if I can manage to post more then one update this month!

The last Chapter was about the younger twins final two years in college- no more Uni until the Generation 3 kids age up a lot more. Before they all Graduated, Blake and his boyfriend, Philip Perry, got engaged and Benedict and his long term girlfriend, Katie Ross, decided to move in together once they got home to Calypso Island. Ainsley and Gerard had all 6 of their kids graduate with honors- they totally deserve a special memory marker for that!

Now with Benedict and Blake home from college it means that the number of playable households in Calypso Island is up to 6, one lot for each of Ainsley's children. For anybody trying to keep track, I am rotating the playable houses along with the seasons to keep everybody's ages synched- this will be the Fall rotation- and I play all the Spare households first, then the Main Legacy house. For now, all Spares are taking the last name of their Townie/NPC spouses to keep the number of O'Keefe kids in town isolated to the main Legacy line.

First up in the Spares line-up is Braden's household- the Adams family.

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Populating Calypso Island's vacation spots

La La La... working on my hood and my Legacy story, slowly but surely. I'm doing a little game stuff, a little book stuff because I am on a major steampunk reading kick right now. I'm working my way through Gail Carriger's books- I just read the first 3 of her Finishing School series (would have read all 4 but the last book isn't out yet. ~scowl~) and now I am re-reading her Parasol Protectorate series, waiting for her newest release 'Prudence', book 1 of The Custard Protocol series (which will star the daughter of the main characters from the Parasol books).
Since I have a huge number of photos to prep for the next update (updates really) I've been splitting my game time with cropping screenshots (yawn...) and prepping my Calypso Island Vacation spots so I can send my Legacy family on vacation. I haven't even touched the lots yet because fixing them up is a major undertaking and I have to be in the right mood to deal with ugly Maxis lots, but I've been working on populating the vacation mini-hoods so that my playable sims won't be the only ones wandering around when they finally get to go on holiday. The game spawned my needed NPCs when I sent a test sim out  to see what it would give me and I've been messing with custom locals and tourists since then.

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Anybody want a Jewelry Free Hippie?

I finally gave in to the nagging of my Legacy family and set up my vacation locations for Calypso Island. Since I play with clean templates installed that means that the game will spawn all the needed NPCs for me, but other than the NPCs and 1 local for each destination my 3 vacation spots are devoid of sim life until I add some custom made locals and tourists to the mix.

I’m sitting here making custom vacation locals and was looking for something to dress my island local girls in and I remember that there is this specific Sims 2 Store outfit that would work- the afbodydresshippie. Very cute and suitable for a tropical island for sure, but like a lot of Maxis clothing it came with a painted on necklace. Bleh…. As I have mentioned before I don’t much like painted on jewelry.

I took a quick look around to see if anybody had removed the necklace yet. and, of course, I didn’t find anything.  Now I have to say that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there is already a jewelry free version of this out there in Simland, but Google hates me and if one exisits I couldn’t find it. So... I decided to just do the alpha edit myself!

Which brings us to the reason for this post!

If you too dislike painted on jewelry, you can now grab these delightfully necklace free outfits

here- http://www.mediafire.com/download/a162akfk8f8697g/LG45_SimStoreAFHippieNoJewelry.zip

All 3 original color choices and the Maxis mesh are included in the zip folder. Outfit is set to casual and formal. All Credit Goes To EA, I just ditched the chunky necklace.